A Design-Build Firm

Manuel Commercial is a new design-build contracting firm located in Lafayette, La.  The sister company, Manuel Builders, is a design-build residential contractor that has been designing and building homes for over 55 years.  They are a market leader in residential construction, with offices in Lafayette, Lake Charles and Baton Rouge, providing quality and economical residential solutions for clients in over 20 parishes. 

The new commercial contracting arm brings to the above markets the same time-proven approach as residential: the design-build delivery method.  With a licensed architect and design team on staff, in addition to construction professionals, Manuel Commercial leverages the inherent power of the design-build delivery method, allowing for a greater level of collaboration between design and building.  The result is a more economical and efficient project delivery.

Through transparency with each client, the Manuel Commercial team engenders trust from the start of a project.  Owners need to enjoy the benefit of having a team they have 100% confidence in, allowing them to perform their daily duties in their profession and not having to be concerned and consumed with the status and delivery of their project.  The design-build team is passionately committed to turning their clients into raving fans.

The journey has just begun.  Building on the foundation of a long-standing commitment to the communities of South Louisiana, Manuel Commercial looks forward to years ahead of designing and building commercial projects that raise the standard in the industry, while enriching the lives of all with whom they come in contact.