Our Process

Building doesn’t have to be complicated.



1.) Kickoff Meeting - Meet with your design team to lay out basic requirements for your new building.

2.) Conceptual Sketch - Our in-house designer creates an initial floor plan and exterior views based on your needs and wants.

3.) Review Concept - Review your initial design to see if any adjustments are needed.

4.) Conceptual Estimate - With design-build, you know early in the process if you’re in budget. Review your estimate and add or remove features to fit your budget.

5.) Execute Contract - Once you agree to the the estimate, our exploration phase is complete. Sign to move forward!

Iberville Sketch.PNG


6.) Schematic Design I - Your designer models your building in 3D, while a soil investigation occurs on your site.

7.) Review and Input - We’ll meet with you to review the design, take your on a tour of your building, and discuss materials.

8.) Schematic Design II - We bring a civil engineer on board for your site design and your designer completes more details based on your feedback.

9.) Schematic Estimate - Your price gets more precise with each set of drawings. Use this estimate to secure financing.

10.) Construction Docs - Our in-house design team collaborates with external consultants to finalize drawings. You select material finishes.

11.) Permitting - Plans are submitted to the state Fire Marshal and the local permit office for review.

12.) Final Estimate - The construction documents and selections are used to create your final price.

13.) Final Contract - If all looks good, then you’re done with design; sign your final contract and begin construction!



14.) Build - Now you get to sit back and watch your project take shape! Your Project Superintendent will oversee the construction of your new building. If you have any questions or concerns during the build, we’ll only be a phone call away.